Faulls Ridge

Region | Gloucester

The first crop of Shiraz grapes was planted in 2005. Four years later the Verdelho and Chambourcin grapes were planted. Over ten years later and we are growing more grapes than ever before. The 2018 harvest is our most bountiful yet. Once picked, we send our grapes to Cassegrains Winery at Port Macquarie where Alex Cassegrain, our amazing winemaker, makes our wine: a Verdelho, Rose and Chambourcin/Shiraz. Faulls Ridge is a boutique winery open to the public by appointment. You can taste the wine and enjoy a delicious plate of cheeses and local produce while sitting in our peaceful garden or when the weather turns cold the deck has a lovely warm fire. You can also book in for delicious home made lunches or a relaxed afternoon tea and cake.

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