Covid-19 Information

The Gloucester Farmers Market return on SATURDAY 13TH JUNE! While we look forward to seeing everyone again, we are still cautiously excited. We will be implementing some best practice measures for ensuring health and safety to help minimise the risk and spread of infection.

  • Transmission via hands, sneezing and human contact is the most common method of infection, just as for colds and flu. Anti-bacterial hand wash and hand washing with soap (for 20 seconds or more) is effective and needs to be practised more regularly than usual whether you are a stallholder or shopper. Please wash your hands before heading to the market, sanitise at stalls with the products provided and wash your hands again when you get home.  Clearly displayed hand sanitiser stations will be located at the Denison Street entrance (near the public amenities) and also at the path leading into the park at the bridge end.
  • Please adhere to social distancing of 1.5m and follow the markers set out by our stallholders at their stands
  • Please do not touch produce or self-select unless instructed by the stallholder
  • Disposable coffee cups only, no Keep Cups will be utilised
  • While we love seeing everyone catch up and mingle, we encourage you to temporarily adopt a “shop ‘n go” mentality for this event. Cashless shopping is also preferred.
  • We have wonderful live music with Ty Soupidis for everyone to enjoy while you are shopping, hopefully it won’t be long before you can sit down and stay longer. All community-use tables and chairs have been removed for the time being to assist with recommended social distancing.
  • If you have any reason to believe that a stallholder or a visitor to the site may be exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms, or may have returned from overseas countries, please immediately ask that person to withdraw to a location away from interaction with others, and immediately inform the Market Coordinators who may request that person leave the market site.
  • It is recommended but not enforced that Farmers Market shopping should be conducted by one family member per household.

Most importantly – if you are feeling unwell, anxious about being in a public setting or displaying symptoms (eg fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath etc), PLEASE STAY HOME! If anyone is observed as unwell or seen to be suffering from any Covid-19 related symptoms, you will be politely asked to leave the Markets. Please immediately notify the Market Coordinators if you are concerned for the wellbeing of any stallholders or visitors on the day.

Thank you for supporting farmers and producers – their livelihoods began suffering a long time before this pandemic . Shop local, shop seasonal and healthy food in the fresh Winter air and enjoy the Gloucester Farmers Market!

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