Gloucester Farmers Market was conceived out of The Gloucester Project, an initiative which aimed to support and encourage self-sustaining communities. A farmers market was a natural progression from this idea, as it provides the venue for regional growers and producers to come together and sell their produce direct to the community.

The Gloucester Farmers Market;

  • Is an outlet for home grown and fresh regional produce
  • Provides the community with fresh seasonal fruits, vegetables, flowers and plants from farms and growers in the region
  • Reduces the cost and impact of food transportation
  • Encourages organic production and a minimum use of chemicals
  • Provides free advice to growers including how to adapt to our changing environment. (via the Tucker Patch)
  • Provides free stall space to local not-for-profit and charity organisations wishing to offer food and beverages as a fundraiser.
  • Provides a fun, safe venue for families and to encourage local entertainers
  • Encourages recycling and use of non-plastic packaging
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