BBQ / Lemonade Stand

Would your club, group or organisation be interested in participating in the fundraising program at Gloucester Farmers Market?

If your answer is yes, complete the application form and risk assessment and return to the Gloucester Visitor Information Centre with a copy of your clubs insurance. You will also need to complete a Food Notification Form.

The Fundraising BBQ has been in operation since 2015 and has provided an opportunity for local groups and organisations to raise much needed funds. The stall also helps to connect groups with the broader community where the stall can be timed promote an event or registration day.

Recently we expanded our fundraising opportunities to include a Lemonade Stand. This can be incorporated in the Fundraising BBQ or operated as a stand-alone stall.
We are committed to reducing our use of plastics and single use non-biodegradable packaging at the Gloucester Farmers Market. For this reason packaged drinks are no longer being sold at the Gloucester Farmers Market (packaged drinks include all drinks in; glass, plastic, aluminium and poppers).

Bookings for the fundraising stall are being accepted for 2018 and beyond.

Market coordinator
Angela Hutchins
02 6538 5255
Monday | Tuesday | Wednesdayur

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